Monday, November 16, 2009

On some days...

Your electricity got cut. Yeah, thats what happen when I was in school. My housemate who was alone when the incident took place, happened to be cleaning her room.

And the lights went off.(our house is dark even in the day)

Like that. Poof! At first she thought its short circuit, then after checking the fuse box she realized: we hadn't pay the bills.

So, we may be low on pocket money, but would we risk not being able to use the PC?
NO!!!!!!!!! But why the cut?

1.We were on holiday when the bills came.
2.Transport problem
3.Our non-student housemate hadn't show her face in a week and we couldn't ask for her share.
4. The warning pink slip only come two days ago.

TNB were so desperate they resort to bully us into remembering the bills..

Heck. Have they ever been SO EFFICIENT in ANYTHING before?

We were promise electricity at 5pm. We have to call thrice for the worker to reconnect us, at 6:45pm...

Enough of TNB.

I needed the comp very badly because I wanted to practice for my practical test tomorrow. So I was toying around with some of the MS Excel 2003 function that I wasn't familiar with, and my roommate and I ended laughing over some careless act I pulled.

Our conver:

Me: Oh shit!! I just lost it!
RM: Press Undo la...
Me: No its not that simple...
RM: I told you Excel is hard because sometimes Undo don't work..
Me: Its not that. I lost the toolbar.

I was having too much fun to recall which button I clicked then.

Luckily I found the button without much trouble.



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