Monday, July 12, 2010


Just thought that my neurobiology lecturer was in a really good mood today. Always thought he's got some sense of humour, but today was a little...different...Atmosphere-wise.

After I entered the class from filling my water bottle, he said:"Ok since everyone is NOT here, lets have a pop quiz,". At first I thought he was unhappy from all the empty seats in the usually-full hall.

Well, World Cup was at final last night( more "GOAL!!" disturbing my already depleted sleeping hours), and I heard from a friend they only slept at 6am because the game lengthen for a half hour more, plus the ceremonious trophy-awarding session.

Expressionless, he began to type away, and the question spells:

Compare and contrast: Squid, Octopus, calamari and cuttle fish?

One of the reasons why I like his class, despite his austerity >80% of the times. Thumbs-up =)

ps: Suppose he won a bet last night? o.O

By the way, Say hi =)

To the giant squid.

To the cuttlefish.

And How can we forget? Welcome to Paul! The famous World Cup Octopus!

I would like very much to get a proper picture, but trust me. If you google images for calamari, you'll most likely see what I see @@