Monday, March 7, 2011

Ipoh Children's Home

Went to a Children's Home in Ipoh yesterday. It was a crazy day, limbo rock, musical chair, rafia string...All the craziness is still etched in my muscles =P Physically-unfit me.

But I felt, we could really do more instead of just studying. Every semesters we count down the days to tests, deadlines, exams and holidays...Voila! Another term has gone and my brain would be drained of all information.

We planned everything before hand, but all our original plans were jumbled up when we got there and I landed with a group of high school friends. They remind me of myself, thinking about growing up and out of all the awkwardness, but feeling that everything seemed so far off in the future. I think the awkwardness is still in me somehow.

But the two hours yesterday also proves that the clock's hands turn steadily with its rhythm, tick-tock-tick, no matter what choices we make. There's so much possibilities...Why not choose the one that means the most? One step at a time?

And say...We could all go back someday =)

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