Saturday, September 8, 2012

Status: Idle.

Oh, continuing the trail from my last post, I passed everything and am about to have my convocation in October 2012! And in the new grand hall ! I haven't been there myself, but from photos of my friends/lecturers who visited the place, I comment it on its magnificence.


After I finished my examinations last May, I completed my thesis and moved back to hometown. These past few months have been up-and-downs, job hunting and struggling to make a decision about where I'll be heading. 

Honestly, I was torn between working to gain a little "financial-breather" and continue with a MSc. This time round, life made me understood, with a merciless finality about what my lecturer said: the choice of being realistic or idealistic. I'd like to believe in exploring and discovering different experiences while we're still young, should circumstances allow such a feat, and fly where the winds take us. Oh what a life that would be. But alas, I was told to have to steer the horses or end up crashing into a hedge. Count your blessings if what lies behind the hedge was a bed of daffodils and daisies. Despite the broken arm. 

In short, I've been idling ever since I finished in May. Not exactly idling, but its a long story and I thought I'd skip those.With the luxurious amount of free time, I reread all my favourite books, challenged the sleep-inducing classics of "Madame Bovary" , and the ever-thrilling works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "Sherlock Holmes"

I daresay I'll not make through "Madame Bovary". Should probably donate it next.

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