Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Only Human

I almost lost my phone yesterday, but thank God the cleaner who picked it up was honest enough to return it to me. *Faith in humanity restored*

I was on my way to the canteen when I realised my phone wasn't with me, and then remembered that I had left it in the loo (I took it out of my pants pocket for fear of it sliding out and entering the sewers, which was what happened to a friend of mine, naming no names). So the first thing I did was ask for advice from my friends in the workstation, who stopped what they were doing immediately to help look for my phone. *Above said faith leveled up*

Supposedly the first thing to do was to speak to one of the security guards/officers in charge of this building's safety. But alas, NONE of them was around. So we went to the HIR Secretariat office instead, not to shovel blame onto anyone, but rather hoping that whoever found the phone would leave it there for "lost and found", and to find out who we can turn to if the phone wasn't there.

Guess what's the first thing my friend and I heard? "We are not responsible for this." My friend very calmly told her that that was not our intention. *yawn* Surprise surprise... Obviously you're not going to buy me a phone now, would you? I know this definitely doesn't apply to every white-collared office personnel, but sometimes I do think that the kakak and makcik who clean the washroom are warmer human beings.

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