Thursday, August 22, 2013

Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll

Come on, its got to be about ten years since we first heard "Complicated" and "skater boy" on the radio. I was an avid fan in 2004, following most of her interviews and music videos. I even bought her second album "Under My Skin". OK, I was in high school and that meant sacrificing a month's worth of pocket money (that was kind of a big deal) XD

Then in 2007, her styles, the contend of her songs skewed - to that of a young WOMAN. Knowing Avril (adventurous, bold and uncompromising in making her choices), I guess it's sort of expected. But I dropped out of her fandom for some reason...Probably because I was still a teenager.

But the advent of "Rock N Roll" reminds me that she is still one of the best singers around. Most importantly, the one thing that has not change since 2004, is the way Avril translates her way of life, thoughts and feelings, into lyrics - the reason I started listening to her.

I just have to say: Way to go Avril!

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