Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My 2 cents: Supersize vs Superskinny TV programme

I've been following this programme since season 2. Then I stopped at season 4, and picked it up again just as they finished making the latest season I know, which is season 6 (or was it 7?)...Oh well, you get the point: it's an on-off relationship. Right now, it doesn't matter to me if they don't make the programme anymore because I've stopped watching it anyway.

I understand that eating disorders are quite serious and can be detrimental physically and psychologically in the long run. Some has criticised that this TV programme is highly "triggering" for those under the grip of the disorder. See the article in this link:

I must confess that I'm affected too. Well, not in the same way as anorexics or bulimics, but for some strange reason I'm always munching when I'm watching it on the tube. And I almost never do that for other shows or movies. Ask my ex-roommate. 

The programme largely features the on-goings in the feeding clinic in earlier seasons. In later seasons though, it sometimes has little snippets, featuring people with eating disorders struggling with treatment and in one particular season, a journalist going through all the "strategies" people used to lose weight/fat/to look good - liposuction, baby food, detox, hypnosis (yes, you read "hypnosis" right), the lot. Those snippets are what makes the programme really interesting to me.

I'd say that there isn't really a clear format with the programme (not good). Not to be insensitive to those who've been hurt by the show, because I know the word "weight" can be really sensitive in this case. (Honestly, even to people like me who'd avoid the scale as much as she can. Yes, blame photoshop, beauty magazines and that neighbour who always comments on mine). But I think that the programme could help keep some people (who are not suffering from eating disorders) in line and not go overboard, whether they love food or just trying to lose some weight.

I can understand the standpoints of dieticians and psychiatrists who sincerely care and want to help their patients. I'm no expert, but looking in as a person who've kept from skipping meals after watching the programme, I think I can safely say that like everything else, the programme has its silver linings.

Finally, for anyone who is concern about losing or gaining weight and is considering a diet, please do a thorough research, get information supported by experts or scientific evidence before jumping into one. Just to avoid putting your body through unnecessary stress.

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