Thursday, March 26, 2009


The bills came. No,nothing's good about that. But something fun did pop up about two days ago due to the bills.

The bills were delivered by the house's owner's son,who collected them and pass it to my roommate because she happened to be home at the time. As everyone will only come home at the end of the day to split the bill,she left it on the dining table.

In the evening,one of my housemate(girl) came home and the first thing she saw was the bills.She walked right up to the table and exclaimed:"oh,the bills are here! Time to split them!" So she just knocked on the door of my other housemate's(guy) room,and asked him to come out to settle the bill.

After a bit of calculations,each of us had to pay RM 17.85. Obviously we'll have trouble looking for change. We made quite a bit of noise over that,and a little discussion went on between both my housemates(guy & girl).So,my roommate and I just stood aside quietly,watching her.

After a while,I got tired of holding and swinging the change in front of my she-housemate's face, so I placed it on the table and said:"Ok,it's yours.Settle it.Bye."and walked right off into my room.My roommate followed suit.Then my he-housemate saw what we did.Apparently he thought it looked funny,so he too,smiled and said:"There you go.You take care of it ya." And walked right off into his room AND slammed the door.LIKE THAT.Talk about walking away in style.

Well, HE took off after we(my roommate and I)did AND slammed the door.So,my turn! I slammed the door two seconds after he did,and laugh out loud inside the room while my she-housemate yelled at us.

My roommate and I still hadn't finish laughing as my she-housemate banged and pounded on the door. For the sake of our room's privacy,my roommate opened the door instead.Damn,that was impromptu!

And I thought my he-housemate isn't much fun...Hell,that was hilarious!

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