Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I had a practical class for Web Page Design this morning. 8 AM class.

You know there are times when you want to skip reality and bury your head further into your pillow?

Yeah. This is one of those days for me. Yeap! Another bad morning.

Apparently, someone has one of his worst. My practical tutor was exceptionally quiet this morning. Too quiet compare to his usual self.Not to mention he looked a little...unwell. Then, he cleared his throat. And PAUSE. I was going "uh-oh" in my head when he did that.

Bad omen.

Then he spoke. And loud gasps drown the quiet atmosphere of the entire class as we heard his voice. No offense but it was very much like chalk grating against the chalk board as it had a scratchy edge to it. Some of my classmates sniggered(very mean of you guys), I just went "OMG, OMG".

Some peeps had premonition that this day would come awhile ago. He seems to have so much to do, teaching for hours and hours every day and rushing back and forth between Kampar and PJ campus. Not to mention all the homework and assignments piling on his desk. And he'd be having another lecture with us after this, with that throat of his.

As expected of the students, they laughed upon hearing his voice.

But just to put it in glaringly obvious words, don't get us wrong. I don't know about other classes, but our class's kids happens to like our tutor a lot. Because he was always so patient with us,making sure that we understand the details of what we're learning. And its so very fortunate for us that he is so dedicated.

I felt kind of guilty throughout the entire class. I don't know why but I just do. So i just kept my mouth shut during the entire time in his class.

Oh, and Mr.Pek came in. My friend practically push his asleep-friend awake. He woke up with bloodshot eyes, wondering whats going on. Mr Pek's intention was to present certificates for the achievers in our stream and those who had contributed for the stream like class reps, course rep and etc.

Then they actually posted all our results. Why do they post the second class bunch as well?

Mr. Pek can actually be quite funny. But judging from his sarcasm, his words could sting pretty
well too.

Then he told us not to torture our tutor any further. NO WAY. And faulty equipment like that mic cord should be changed. For goodness's sake!

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