Monday, April 6, 2009

Sensei and I

Went back to KL during the weekend and joined some events. Just last night, I went to the Kaikan in Cheras for the first time to attend a Student Division "Gosho Study Meet". Gosh the place is HUGE! And it has a very welcoming atmosphere to it, very homey :) Though it was very dark, and the ground was damp from the rain. After chanting for about half an hour or so, we actually had a sharing session, titled "Sensei and I". Ikeda Sensei is a prolific writer, poet, peace activist, educator, and interpreter of Nichiren Buddhism.

I thought hard then. What and who is he to me? I know him through my parents when I was young, who are members of SGM(Soka Gakkai Malaysia). My mom told me he's the president of SGI, Soka Gakkai International. Then who knows where my father got it, portrait of Ikeda Sensei, and hung it in the living room. Its still in the living room now.

To me, he's is someone who is really really wise, and kind. Firm but kind. Though he's really far from me(geographically speaking, as he's in Japan), but he's close at heart. I know him through some of the books he wrote, and certain record of his conversations with other people. The things he said could be BETTER than "Chicken Soup for the (whatever) Soul" , more heartfelt and warm. For someone like me who gets lost constantly in my own world, I reach out more. To the world. And that I shouldn't shut myself in whenever the road gets bumpy.

My parents is now as far as Sensei is to me(geographically as well), but we are holding on through our faith and heart. And we establishes a wireless connection, something we hadn't really done before as we didn't have to. DUH! Come on,they were right infront of my face! But I guess we are all the same. We don't really know what we've got when it's nearest to us, when it's within the stretch of our fingers. I didn't like to admit this, but now that I'm seeing my mom and dad less, I miss them.

So all of you people out there, wait no longer and start feeling grateful now. You don't know what it's like to have people who can accept all your faults, and still love you and will do whatever they could for you being right beside you. Life is so damn much easier then, in numerous aspects.

Life is a battlefield, sometimes you can't just shrug and says "C'est la vie" and wave things off. I have mood swings worse than the change of weather in Kampar(Oops! My bad!). Prone to leakage at times, a well known fact to people who watch me as I stretch vertically over the years : P

But with all the faith and strength I'm worth, I will try. And try harder if I could afford it.

PS: Brawl...Can't join GCO(Galaxy Chamber Orchestra)...I want to learn how to play violin!

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  1. I didnt wait.. :)
    I'm one of the happiest person in the whole wide world!! And one of the reasons is YOU!! :D

    hehe.. missing you la!! FASTER COME BACK!! T_T