Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quoting a friend

Went back home right after exam and meet up with some of my old school mates from SMK USJ 13.Yay! Finally after so long! Muahahaha...

Since Cinderella(s) has to be home by twelve,so they(my school mates) had to send us(me n Sven) back to Sven's place. While I was sitting in the backseat,someone said: Our friend is looking better than ever.Boyfriend seems her ultimate life force,geez...She's livelier than ever now."

My friend(It's a she) who was sitting on the passenger seat said jokingly:"Yeah lo! We better get ourselves one as well! And quick!" Laughs.

An ol-school reply:"But there are other things to worry about on top of all the challenging subjects in Degree...Better off trying to ace them all before that."

I figure certain things are definitely out of our hands while others are in.

My other friend who's behind the wheel(FYI its a HE), replied the classic sentence. No appropriate feedback anywhere this time.

"You know what? 'Boyfriend' has got to be your toughest subject ever."

Something fell off the seat.Right.

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