Monday, May 4, 2009


Here goes nothing!

25 Random Things:

1. The wind is blowing outside...'Sweatness'...
2. KL is full of high-rise buildings.
3. Counting down to 13th of May 2009.
4. Racking my brain.No Random-plague damn!
5. I'm a foodie!
6. My birthday is coming soon enough. Funny it's on the same day every year...
7. Sven you'll be so broke!muahahaha...
8. I write short paragraphs and save them as drafts.
9. If we are what we eat, alot of drivers have got to be squirrels.
11.I'm stuck...
12.Why the heck do I miss you people?(sulk)
13.Miao, meow, miow, miau, miaw,ngiao(foreign cat)...woof*3(outsider)...ow-wu...
14.More people should have participated Earth Hour.
15.KL night scenery is beautiful if viewed from the 11th Floor.
16.Can people become evil themselves without knowing it?
17.My driving skills are rusted.
18.I wear my heart on my sleeve...Sometimes...most of the time...
19.Define innocence. No, don't use Oxford dictionary.
20.Heck, why isn't it no.25 yet?
21.I hate waiting for exam results.
22.I love watching people who's concentrating on their tasks :)
23.Chapter 1 in university is gone.
24.To leave behind proof of ever being a Homo Sapien is a necessity.

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