Monday, July 27, 2009

I have no idea

Whats gonna happen?

There will be new people moving into DaHouse aka my hostel. In September i think. I heard that she is currently working in Tesco .That means, she is not a student...Hmmm..Wonder if she would do the grocery shopping for us...

We(my housemate and I) got the news when we were having dinner last night. Since the "houselord"(landlord won't be appropriate now, would it?)mentioned it, I didn't think they'd change their mind about arranging the move-in. So when they called up and said they are willing to listen to our will, all I said was "No comment.Its up to them isn't it?". Why they had bothered calling, I have no idea.I mean, come on, I wouldn't think twice if I'm the "houselord", would I?

Since housemate-to-be says she okay about moving in, well...

No problem on our behalf. RIGHT?

Oh and BTW, my he-housemate's room, no wait, his ex-room, is cleared. I mean OUT, in less than 24 hours.

Efficient right? =-}

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