Monday, July 6, 2009


So the title spells...

Makes me think of my dad. He was the one who 'dissect' the fruit every time while we(my family and I) sat in one circle around him and the durian...haha...Sounds like a solemn ceremony. But that is what I call spending quality time together.Man, those were the time back home,right in the tiny kitchen at the back.

Everyone in my family LOVES durian. Couldn't get enough of it.I remember there was one that was particularly difficult to open, and my dad accidentally cut himself. Felt so bad at the time.

Then just this evening, Svenni's friend Sophie came and gave us some durians.Unopened ones....Oppsy...All of us are anticipating the flesh, but none had any experience with the shell.

Well, someone had to dissect it...

I did it.

Because I wanted to learn how to.

When I'm home next time around, I'll be the one to 'dissect' the durian =>

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