Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chamber of Secrets

Just this afternoon, me and my friends were wondering if we have tutorial for Principles of Nutrition since its only the first week.

Just to be sure, we went in search for the tutorial room during our break time.The number of the room on our timetable says D 103B,so we walk towards the end of block D on the first floor.

After a few minutes, room D 103D, and D 103C came into sight...then the toilet.

Does the room D 103B even exists? In doubt, one of my friends asked:"Did you copied your timetable wrongly?" So ALL three of us check our timetables. Nope, no such luck.Do we have to speak some mysterious "UTAR-tongue" or walk through walls to get to the room?

So we stoned outside room D 103C for several seconds.Then we decided to check the floor plan of the first floor.

D 103B, we discovered, is INSIDE D 103C...right at the back...

What the heck......

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